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Dylan Garrett Smith is an artist/printmaker whose work is a product of his views regarding humanity’s relationships with - and the continually growing distance from - the natural world.  Combining concepts of occultism, ecology, and memento mori, Smith stresses the importance of the cycle of birth-bloom-decay and the necessity of solitude in nature.  Ashes, chalk-lead and ink on black cotton rag paper serve as the primary media to make his images, while reinforcing the natural process of life, death, and rebirth.

Smith earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives and creates in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.



Dylan Garrett Smith Artist Resume

Born, lives, and works in Pennsylvania




            Pratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, New York

            B.F.A., Printmaking



Solo Exhibitions


An Offering, The Convent, Philadelphia, PA



What You Fear Will Come Upon You, Central Tattoo Studio, Philadelphia, PA



Birth, Bloom, Decay, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

The Quiet Dark, Rivet Gallery, Columbus, OH

Welcome Home, Alternative Gallery, Allentown, PA

Hollow Upon Hollow (collaborative works with Crystal Lee Lucas), Eskandalo, Bethlehem, PA



V.I.T.R.I.O.L., Grindcore House, Philadelphia, PA



Group Exhibitions


Heart Show 10, Jinxed, Philadelphia, PA

Constellations, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



Small Wonders 6, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Horror Business VI, Left Hand Black, San Diego, CA

Print Riot, Brick + Mortar Gallery, Easton, PA

Dark Nature, Last Rites Gallery, Manhattan, NY

Incantations, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Patchwork, Mindzai Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Serendipity, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Be My Valentine IV, Rivet Gallery, Columbus, OH



Psychedelic Blasphemy, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

End of the Year Celebration, The Convent, Philadelphia, PA

Return to Dirt, Midnite Collective, Long Beach, CA

Small Wonders 5, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Black Mass III, Eridanos Tattoo, Cambridge, MA

Living and Dark Undead, The Convent, Philadelphia, PA

Creature Feature, Left Hand Black, San Diego, CA

Rarities, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

The Devil's Reign, Eridanos Tattoo, Cambridge, MA

Mythical Beasts, Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL

Doom, The Shred Shed, Philadelphia, PA

The Devil's Reign, Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Gallery Night, Tataway, Philadelphia, PA



Brooklyn Biennial Submissional, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY

Devil's Reign, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

Halloween, Masthead Gallery/Phantom Hand, Philadelphia, PA

Dreams Were Made For Mortals, Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY

Horror Business 4, Left Hand Black, San Diego, CA

Libertine, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Untitled II, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

Illustrated Death, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Be My Valentine, Rivet Gallery, Columbus, OH



Your Coffin or Mine, Art Machine, Philadelphia, PA

INFERNALE, Ritual Ritual, Philadelphia, PA

RAW:Brooklyn presents SCOPE, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY

The Happening, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Sketchbook Show, Alternative Gallery, Allentown, PA

The Bees Knees, Alexi Era Gallery, St. Louis, MO

Creature Feature, Left Hand Black Tattoo, San Diego, CA

UltraMantis Black Record Release, LVAC, Allentown, PA

Friday the 13th, Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL

Untitled, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

Desiderata, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Bird and Snake Group Show, Howl Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

Lord of the Flies, Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia, PA



Small Wonders, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Children of Yuletide, Grindcore House, Philadelphia, PA

Stendhal Syndrome, The Alternative Gallery, Allentown, PA

Monsters Among Us, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

The Midnight Society, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Horror Business, Left Hand Black Tattoo, San Diego, CA

Peripeteia II, Skylight Gallery, Manhattan, NY

The Happening, Skylight Gallery, Manhattan, NY

Return Me to the Sea, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Waves of Change, Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, Manhattan, NY

Oracle, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Endangered: Protect the Pack, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Metamorphosis, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Philias: Loved to Death, Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Till Death, Left Hand Black Tattoo, San Diego, CA



Horror Business, Left Hand Black Tattoo, San Diego, CA

Countdown to (En)danger, B2, Philadelphia, PA

Empty Night Skies, Grindcore House, Philadelphia, PA

8 x 10 Art Show 2, Six Eleven Salon and Gallery, Ocean City, MD

Art for the Animals, Liquidambar Gallery, Pittsboro, NC

Damned If You Doom, Small Engine Gallery, Albuquerque, NM



Anti Sweden design competition winner, Oslo, Norway

Autumn Equinox, window display at Apotheca Salon, Bethlehem, PA



The Living Dead, 516 Gallery, Allentown, PA

Everyone Has a Dark Side, Gallery Within.. Simon Silk Mill, Easton, PA

Altars of Extinction, Vintage Karma, Stroudsburg, PA

Dhegem, Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The Red Show, Dreamland Tattoos, Stroudsburg, PA



Get Decked, Main Street Jukebox, Stroudsburg, PA

Vegan Treats Bakery design competition winner, Bethlehem, PA


Print Publications

All is Equal in the Eyes of Dirt, I Am Vertical, 2018

Flowersonnets by Angelo Colavita, Cover, 2018

Black and Green Review Number 5, Winter, 2018

Glamour Magazine Germany, April, 2017

Fangoria Magazine, March, 2017

Darkadya III, Darkadya Books, 2017

Psychedelic Blasphemy, Howl Books, 2016 (available here)

Slithers & Scales of Inspiration, OOS Books, 2016 (available here)

Living and Dark Undead, Seventh Church Ministries, 2016

Black & Grey Volume IV, Tattoo Mag Argentina, 2016

CREATE//RESIST, 2016 (available here)

The Devil's Reign, Howl Books, 2015 (available here)

Black and White: Volume One, OOS Books, 2014 (available here)

Sciences Occultes Magazine, Issue #4, 2014 (available here)

Excavate: Unearthing Artistic Skeletal Remains, 2014 (available here)

The Mammoth Book of Skulls, 2014 (available here)

Skull Style:  Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture, 2011 (available here)

N-Sphere Art Magazine, 2011



The Coffin, Adventures in Design Podcast, 2017

Dylan Garrett Smith II, Adventures in Design Podcast, 2017

Where the Shadow Meets the Light, Adventures in Design Podcast, 2016

The Ice King, 99 Percent Invisible, 2016 (concept contributor)


DYING, "A History of Nothing", 2012

Broken Hands - EP, 2008



Folian, "Blue Mirror"

Bible Black Tyrant, "Regret Beyond Death"

Blush, "Wanderlust"

Rattling Cage, "Purge"

Blush, "Drone/Yesterday"



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