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I'm always happy and excited to work with bands, brands, record labels, or individuals on custom commissions and projects!


The way it works!

Once we establish the specifics of your project and a budget is agreed upon, you will provide a 50% non-refundable deposit to get everything rolling!  Within one week, I will provide sketches based off of your specifications and requirements for your approval.  Once those concepts and sketches are approved, the fun starts!  Within a week, I'll have a finished illustration to you!  Some projects take longer than others, but I always make sure to provide excellent communication in the event that your finished piece is taking slightly longer than anticipated.


Do you love it?

Awesome!  Upon final approval, the remaining 50% will be paid by you and I'll send over the finished high-res files within 24 hours!


Not exactly what you had in mind?

No problem at all- let's discuss revisions!  I'm willing to do two rounds of revisions at no cost to you so we can get your project right!  If a third round is needed, a new price will be established and I'll get back to work!


Can't come to a solution?

I'm sorry to hear this!  You will not be expected to pay the remaining 50% and I hope you are able to find someone and something that better suits your needs!