Making Friends in the Woods- Designs for North Carolina's Mo'ynoq

Shadow Woods Metal Fest is my favorite festival to go to, and the only one I have gone to multiple years in a row as an adult.  The atmosphere is perfect for a metal fest; a few hundred people in the woods of Maryland, camping, partying, and enjoying various subgenres of metal.  I went the first year (last year) as a spectator and found the environment to be incredibly special.  This year I returned as a vendor to sell prints, patches, and some other things.

Photo from the insanely talented illustrator, Fred Grabosky (@ftg.illus on IG).

Photo from the insanely talented illustrator, Fred Grabosky (@ftg.illus on IG).

Between watching the 41 bands that played in the woods that weekend, I spoke with many other vendors, spectators, and friends, and came across a table selling posters (among many other great things) of a design I did for my friends in Lesser Life from North Carolina.  Excited by seeing my work out in the wild and being sold by someone I didn't know, I was eager to learn how this came about!  I struck up a conversation and found out there were also from North Carolina, friends with the members of Lesser Life, and they had been given some posters to accompany their zine all about black metal from North Carolina.  RAD!

A few days after being home from Shadow Woods Metal Fest, I received an email from them asking if I could design something for their band, Mo'ynoq, since they had a tour quickly approaching.  I was more than happy to help!

Check out Mo'ynoq's album, "Anguish and Atonement" on Bandcamp here and be sure to see them if they happen to be in your town while on tour!