Bones and Roses for Old Wounds

Old Wounds are hands-down one of my favorite bands in hardcore right now.  Their live shows bring an explosive energy that is emotional, politically-charged, and infectious as hell.  Their sound is familiar enough for people to quickly latch on, but their unique and original qualities keep you interested and coming back for more.

One of the challenges in designing for Old Wounds is that their aesthetic is already bulletproof thanks to the design sensibilities of their drummer, Brandon Gallagher, who has worked with Trustkill Records, Kill Brand, and a laundry list of bands.  The goal was immediately obvious: blend my style with Old Wound's already set aesthetic to create a new design that FEELS like the band.  From there, I got to work.

Old Wounds' "The Suffering Spirit" is out on Good Fight Music and the band is currently on tour with Every Time I Die, Beartooth, and Fit For a King.  If they come through your city, I highly suggest seeing them.  Bring roses.


"The Daughter of Furtur" in Howl Gallery's Untitled Group Show

I'm very excited to announce that my newest piece, "The Daughter of Furtur", will be on view in Howl Gallery's exhibition, "Untitled", which opens tomorrow, Saturday, June 7th.  I'm ecstatic to be showing with some of my favorite artists (Seldon Hunt, Derek Hess, and Shaun Beaudry, just being a few), along with a grocery list of other incredibly talented artists.  I envy anyone in or around Fort Myers, FL tomorrow evening; this exhibition is going to be phenomenal!

For more information on the exhibition, you can read more here.

Dylan Garrett Smith xvx The Daughter of Furtur

"The Daughter of Furtur"

Ashes, chalk-lead, and ink on black cotton-rag paper

18x24", framed

For purchasing information, contact