Dylan Garrett Smith

Cuteness for a Good Cause - Kitten Lady

My good friend, Hannah Shaw AKA Kitten Lady, recently asked me if I could design a new shirt for her featuring the adorable kittens, Riff and Raff.  How could I possibly say no?!  She sent me a few photos of them hissing and cuddling together and I immediately got to work.  These shirts are now available here and you can see the incredible work Hannah is doing here.

And being that it's kitten season, if you find an abandoned kitten, look to the care advice on her site.  It's CRUCIAL.


Lighting the Path with Fad Nauseam

Last year I worked with Fad Nauseam to create art for their album, "Light Your Path".  This album is dark, beautiful, and gives hints of influences ranging from Christian Death to Swans while the insidiously catchy songs get stuck in your head for days.  I'd also like to mention that Mike Wohlberg (The Fat Kid Illustration) did a fantastic job on the layout.  You can check out Mike's incredible work here.

"Light Your Path" is available for download here and you can pick up one of the very limited copies of the album here.


Ominous Hymn

I'm incredibly excited about Ominous Hymn's new record, "Tenebris Infernum", and worked with them to create a new sigil for the band to use on future releases, shirts, patches and other merch.  Their brand of black metal is sludgy, relentlessly blasphemous and sounds absolutely disgusting.  Needless to say, I love it.  Check out "Tenebris Infernum" here and take a look at the incredible art that Wrest (Jef Whitehead) of Leviathan created for it.


Lesser Life

Lesser Life's pummeling mix of death metal, grindcore and black metal absolutely leveled me the second I heard them.  When they contacted me to create a shirt design for them, I was more than excited about getting to work.  Give them a listen here.

If you are interested in purchasing the original illustration, it is currently available through Gristle Tattoo and Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.


"The Daughter of Furtur" in Howl Gallery's Untitled Group Show

I'm very excited to announce that my newest piece, "The Daughter of Furtur", will be on view in Howl Gallery's exhibition, "Untitled", which opens tomorrow, Saturday, June 7th.  I'm ecstatic to be showing with some of my favorite artists (Seldon Hunt, Derek Hess, and Shaun Beaudry, just being a few), along with a grocery list of other incredibly talented artists.  I envy anyone in or around Fort Myers, FL tomorrow evening; this exhibition is going to be phenomenal!

For more information on the exhibition, you can read more here.

Dylan Garrett Smith xvx The Daughter of Furtur

"The Daughter of Furtur"

Ashes, chalk-lead, and ink on black cotton-rag paper

18x24", framed

For purchasing information, contact andy@howlgallery.com

"Desiderata" Opening at Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn

This Saturday, May 10th, "Desiderata" opens at Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY and the line up of artists is incredible.  If you find yourself in NYC this weekend, stop by Gristle Tattoo's new location (26 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn) and check out the show!





dylan garrett smith dylan xvx honey's rot

"Honey's Rot"

Ashes, chalk-lead, and ink on black cotton-rag paper

11x14", 16x20" framed



dylan garrett smith dylan xvx unholy are the ghosts

"Unholy are the Ghosts"

Ashes, chalk-lead, and ink on black cotton-rag paper

10x13", 16x20" framed



"Honey's Rot" in BELOW Shop

My latest screenprint, "Honey's Rot", is exclusively available through BELOW Shop as part of the "As Above, So Below" collection.  For this collection, each artist created work of their interpretation of the concept of "as above, so below".

Dylan Garrett Smith Honey's Rot Below Shop As Above So Below XVX

"Honey's Rot"

Two-color screen print with light grey and metallic gold ink on black cotton-rag paper

Signed and numbered edition of 20


Available exclusively through BELOW Shop